The Story


My Parents always said:” Go to School, Get Good Grades and One Day you will have a good Job”  

How far is that true for you? 

Have you ever heard that?  

Are you still hearing it? Heard it? Or are you Just telling that?  

Well, let me drop something. I heard that all my life. Don’t get me wrong. My parents raised me well. 

I just maybe got there too quick, I hope there are some of you watching this resonating within me.  

Let me tell you a little bit about me.  

I’m Lincoln. I’m like you. I have been fed with those words all my life, and to meet my family expectations, I worked hard, learned harder, but what happened? 

Just a quick story bare with me.  

My Mom was a Math Tutor, and I always hated that, I never knew what my passion was, only on this Autopiloted life guided by the words of my Grandpa, Mom, and Dad. 

Grandpa taught me a lot, Mom and Dad, too, but this is for you, GrandPa. 

I got a BSc in Banking and Finance and MSc in the same field and an MBA, I had a good job getting good money and in line for the next promotion. Why did I give up that life?  

I’m 28, and my thought is a little bit here and there, but please bare with me.  

Yeah, I was saying I got the education, the job, but wait for that’s not just it, I also bought my house too. Most of my family were congratulating me on my accomplishment when I, on the other hand, feel having accomplished nothing?  

Am I living the life of my parents? Or Am I just living on autopilot?  

About a year ago, I quit that job working at a bank. I crashed, I was broke, I spent hours searching for things that did not make any sense. Well, I MADE ALL THE MISTAKES IN THE BOOK.    

I needed money for a mortgage, to pay bills, and food. I lived on my savings and some help from my family.  

One Day I sat down with my brother ten years younger than me. He asked if I was ok; he saw my struggles. 

I said, yeah, He asked what was going on, I could not reply much. After a while, I told him I wasn’t happy doing what I was doing.  

He asked what would make me happy.  

I didn’t have an answer. I tried searching for, but I could not find a single response.  

He said, pointing at himself, He said with a lot of enthusiasm, “look at me Lincoln, I love cars, I mean I don’t love them, I dream about them, when I wake up I youtube them. I live for them. I breathe for them.”  

What do you Breathe for Man…  

I was quite impressed, but I didn’t have that thing, that love for something that would make me as happy as he is.  

But I knew there must be something. That made me happy.  

I went months without finding anything.  

Until, I met a friend of mine trying to raise his own company, and asked me for some advice on his business.  

I helped him, got back home, a week later he called me asking me for more Business-related advice.  

I helped him, and he was pleased, he told me while joking that my job should be helping people with those unanswered questions.  

I replied, you are crazy man, who would pay me.  

At that time, I had the wrong mindset, and days went by, and I needed some revenue. So like anyone out there, I searched on youtube for any business ideas, then I saw people making money one that platform(youtube). I bought some cameras, invested quite a lot and learned some editing skills. Still, money as an entrepreneur is not that easy, like getting a paycheck (fixed) every month/week or days, it’s tough to change that mindset.  

While being overwhelmed by all those noises on youtube, my brother again him, yes him, found within his channels that he watches someone named Cedric Annicette, he is a french guy talking about investment and how to make money.  

That hit me. I can make money online, Cedric did, I can.  

I started with Shopify, with a friend of mine. Unfortunately, we got lost in the overwhelming world and bought a course, but that wasn’t for us.  

After that tried/started with affiliate marketing selling builderall and clickfunnels and not long ago went onto legendary marketer with a 15 days challenge.  

But during that time my brother came back to me with those same lines he used, and it clicked, I don’t care about the money, I just want to help people.  

Help people? Great but How?  

My whole background technical and academic is based and tailored to work for people and help them make money, so why not take that and help anybody who seeks help.  

That was a concept i did not know much more about that at that time  

From there on i had a goal.  

If you want to know more consider 

Gavyn Lincoln

Gavyn Lincoln is the founder of Startup Moris, where we talk about business startups and obstacles that fogs the place between idea and actually implementing it. So let’s take your idea and make a business out of it

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